Made for the "Archaeology" BitsyJam.

This is my first Bitsy game and first solo game jam game.

The theme of 'Archaeology' couldn't help but inspire me. While I love games about history, for a small game like this, I thought digging up things on another planet would be the most fun.

This is an ever-improving alpha version of the game, building on the version  submitted (barely in time) for the jam. I have a long list of improvements still on the docket.

Big thanks to Sean S. LeBlanc for several of his invaluable Bitsy hacks. I couldn't have made a game like this without them.

Feedback is much appreciated!

StatusIn development
AuthorChris Floyd
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Short, Space
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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 I thought the pixel art was top notch, from the environment, down to player/npc sprites. Also clever choice of matching the game page with the palette of planet you land on!  For me it really amplified my suspension of  disbelief. I think my favorite part of this was the ending.  I wasn't expecting  it, and was genuinely like "Oh NO" when it happened, then when I moved and it moved TOO?!  Well done, I look forward to seeing what else you make!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad the finale was effective for you. I want to add some SFX/music to that moment to really beef up the impact. It's nice to have someone new play the game to encourage me to make some of the improvements I want to make.

whoa this is neat! i really like how you used the exit from dialogue hack as part of how you interact with the planet! it took me a moment to realize to "use" items on things i've already seen dialogue for but thats part of the "puzzle"! i feel like a hint or something could be made for that though?  like a invisible item triggering dialogue as you step away after u dig up a item that says something like "the [item] twitches a little" and maybe make another dialogue that says something "it twitches more" as you get closer to a sprite that it  interacts with?? but that also might be over kill idk it just might ease that moment where i was like "well what do i do now? i grabbed all the items and talked to everything and there's no more rooms i can go to" not all people give their games endings which is why someone (like me) might for a moment think "oh no is this it?" but i realized you wouldnt have been shown a place where to put the items u find it you couldnt return to the spacecraft

the ending was great and kinda mystifying-i  really enjoyed this game! :D


Thanks for playing and commenting. I think I know where you got stuck for a bit, and a hint there is a great suggestion. I'm going to put it on my list of future improvements!